Garage Door Repair

Accurate garage door repair is important

Although garage door repair is not the most complicated task you can think of, it still demands plenty of experience. Garage door repair is a profession dealing with a fast and heavy moving door. While the garage door is moving from vertical to horizontal on the tracks, it uses a pulley system. In addition,  the torsion springs ease the leverage on the garage opener and the cables connect it all. Therefore, you will find the garage door to be dependent on proper alignment. The torsion springs that are wined correctly and cable that hold the door.

Every bit of the garage door mechanism is important and must be wind to the exact specifications. When you are using the garage door on daily basis, you count on the smooth operation to last for a while. In case your garage door is not properly installed, it may break down. Therefore, when you schedule your next garage door service you should get an experienced service. OB Garage Door Service is using a careful procedure when approaching a garage door repair. We understand that you may face underlining issues that ignite certain malfunctions. So, we thoroughly examine your garage door in order to reach deep and find any errors in alignment and components.

By providing a detailed service and examination of your garage door we ensure our fix will last for a long time. We wish to give you a piece of mind that your garage door will not break soon after.

Our garage door repair routine

Due to the fact that most people have not performed any safety test on their garage door we follow strict procedures. In case the garage door goes off tracks, it could lead to a serious damage to your car. Moreover, in extreme cases it could lead to injury. Therefore, we take the garage door examination with the approach that your safety depends on us.

Our garage door repair technicians are experienced and educated about all garage doors and the variety of errors. Also, for a professional technician fixing a garage door could be a dangerous task. Therefore, we encourage and demand the proper measures of safety when approaching any garage door repair. Among our typical, daily garage door repair calls we help our customers with:


  • Residential Garage Door Repair

  • Garage Door Opener Repair / Installation

  • Broken Spring Repair

  • Broken Cable Repair / Replacement

  • Garage Door Off Track Repair

  • Panel Repair / Replacement

  • Garage Door Maintenance

  • Rollers Replacement

  • Safety Hardware

  • Section Hinges

  • Lubrication of the proper parts

  • Bottom Weatherseal

  • Photo Eye Sensors

  • Force & Limit Settings

  • Remotes, KeyPads, Emergency Release etc.

Please contact OB garage door service for further information about our garage door repair appointments.

garage door repair
garage door repair
garage door repair