Garage Door Opener Repair


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We offer same day garage door opener repair

Your typical garage door opener at home must withstand plenty of action. Some of us use our garage doors just for our cars, and some use it as the main entry to the house. Therefore, the garage door opener operates on average 5-10 times every day. With time the components related to the garage door opener weaken and sometimes snap. That includes the torsion springs and garage door cables. Once the torsion springs or cables break, it could create a sever effect on the garage door opener that experiences a fast and unpredictable movement. Your garage door opener is made to bare these extreme issues, however, every now and then you will need a garage door opener repair.

In addition, over time, the motherboard of the garage door opener may also need repair, or actually, replacement. any digital component will eventually lose its contact and will not provide anymore. However, repairing a motherboard is a difficult task that could take many hours and become expensive. Therefore, we recommend to replace the old motherboard with a new one when a repair is needed.

More than just garage door opener repair

When it is time for you to get your next garage door opener repair, it is important to fully examine the garage door with all components. Quite often you will find that some underlying issue somewhere in the mechanism is igniting the issues with your garage door opener. We always recommend a complete garage door inspection when we are called for a garage door opener repair.

Also, if we do find that the motherboard has burnt out and needs replacing, we would strongly recommend to get a new garage door opener. The new garage door openers are much more advanced today than the ones from 10 years ago. Also, the price difference between repairing the replacing the motherboard to getting a new opener is minor. Therefore, getting a new garage door opener will offer you a much stronger and quieter service for a similar sum of money. Please read more about our new garage door opener installation.

also, for more information about our same day garage door opener repair, please contact OB Garage Door Service.