Garage Door Maintenance

Our Routine Garage Door Maintenance

We offer a routine garage door maintenance service. This service is quite often added into each one of our major garage door services. However, in some cases garage door maintenance is due without a major repair. The garage door rollers, or brackets may need a fix. Or, just plain lubrication could help resolve many issues. Also, in many cases of garage door service that we are called for, the sensors are not aligned which causes the door not to close. Therefore, a garage door routine maintenance is needed at least once a year in order to assure the safety and smooth operation of your garage door. Our customers schedule a periodical garage door service and maintenance with us. Therefore, they do not run into unpredictable repair except for rare occasions. Please consider to get your garage door maintenance soon in order to get it running smoothly with no surprises.

Our garage door maintenance with every repair

We do take every opportunity at our customers home to provide a full inspection on the garage door. So many times we find broken rollers and brackets that would lead to more issues and possibly to some damage if not repaired. We see our garage door maintenance as our true added value in this field. Our care for our customers always pushes us far and beyond to inspect every small detail of the garage door. That is how we keep our customers free of problems and safe.

With our garage door maintenance we give our customers a piece of mind. You know that your garage door has been lubricated and all worn out parts have been replaced and updated. Therefore, you can expect a smooth operation from your garage door for a long time.

For more information about our garage door maintenance, please contact OB Garage Door Service.



The Most common errors you would experience with your garage door are as such.Broken garage cables, broken torsion springs and broken rollers.OB Garage Door Services highlight the importance of you calling a professional to help with all the garage door repair desires. More so, due to the heavy moving parts and mainly the garage door itself that weight over 250 lbs. Any effort to do it yourself could result in serious injury. Please call a professional for a garage door maintenance and routine inspection.

Garage door maintenance is not a hard task, every single person can do it. Together with it, if you are trying to repair your garage door better to call professional garage door repair company.
For instance, we know some cases where the Garage door cables broke and the door fell on a car. It is a risky mechanism we use in our houses daily and potentially hurt us. We, at OB Garage Door Service recommend a thorough inspection and maintenance at least once a year. We are a leading Best garage door repair company, and we are ready to serve you right.