Cable Repair

The danger and the need for a broken cable repair

Most when your garage door cables break, it is a dangerous scenario. The reason for it is that your garage door becomes free and the weight slams down on anything in its way. Quite often we get calls for garage door service and repair when the garage door dropped on the car. However, that is much better than dropping on or near human. A broken cable repair is mostly needed when the cables snapped. There could be a variety of reasons for it, while one of them is the  malfunction of the torsion springs. It only makes sense that once the heavy weight of the door is not supported by the tension created by the torsion springs, that the cables will give in. Therefore, you could find your garage door off tracks and the cables could be loose or broken.

Similar to a broken torsion spring repair, a broken cable repair demands attention and great measures of caution. With so many moving parts and rollers, the broken cable could snap on you. Or, even worse, the door or any parts of it could slice through your hand. For this reason we strongly recommend to use a professional with years of experience to fix your broken garage door.

Broken cable repair for off track doors.

In many of the calls we get for a garage door service, an off tracks garage doors is a major cause. You will notice that ordinarily you opened or closed the door and all of a sudden you hear a pop and the door drops down. Then, your door will possibly stop at an angle with no ability to fully move up or down. Therefore, you will need immediate garage door service so you do not have to leave your garage door open. Also, in some case you will need to get your car out, and for that OB Garage Door Service is here. We have years of experience dealing with broken cable repair and complete garage door repair, so we are always prepared. In addition, we carry all garage door components in order to provide you with an immediate answer to your needs.

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We, at OB Garage door service, are using the top notch garage door components. In addition we are making sure that every cable we sell and install will be the right cable for your specific door.
When you run into any issues with your garage door please call a professional OB garage door repair company. We would not recommend to fix the garage door yourself. You can call us for immediate and quick garage door repair service. In Addition, you can have your garage door repaired on same day facility