Broken Spring

Garage door broken spring repair is the most frequent repair needed.

Every day we travel around Los Angeles offering our garage door services. In particular, it is the most occurring garage door service needed. The reason for that is that your torsion springs is the key of every garage door operation. The duty of the torsion springs is to unload the heavy weight of the garage door from your garage door opener. The small motor that averages 1 hp does not have the strength and durability to withstand the hundreds of pounds the garage door weighs. So, the torsion springs use their flexibility to release tension from the garage opener and the cables in order to lift the garage door from a vertical stance. Over time your torsion springs will ware out and snap. At the point you will need your broken springs repair.

Important Information About Broken Spring Repair!

due to the high tension generated by the torsion springs and the heavy weight of the door a sever injury is at risk. Therefore, YOU SHOULD NOT TRY TO DO IT YOURSELF! Please call a professional garage door service in your area to fix the door and avoid serious injury.

Additional information about garage door broken springs repair.

It is vital to know that in most double car garage doors you will find 2 torsion springs. Moreover, is some wooden garage doors you may find 4 springs from the side. However, this is a special case. Nevertheless, in any case of more than 1 torsion springs is the system, both springs should be replaced. Even if you have only 1 broken spring, you should replace both. The reason for that is it will not be possible to match the tension on a new spring and older spring. Therefore, in a short time one of the springs will pop again and you will need service once again. So, we strongly recommend to replace both springs in any case. OB Garage Door Service does not offer service for one torsion spring replacement if two are needed.

For more information about our broken springs repair, please contact OB Garage Door Service.